BERLIN FASHION WEEK HERBST/WINTER 2014/15 - Lena Hoschek (part 2)

Mélanie Laurent - S Moda Magazine - February 2014
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John Rocha Fall/Winter 2014 Details, LFW.
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jessicalaar asked:
I just stumbled upon your other blog, which lead me to this one. Firstly you are absolutely beautiful, but secondly your art is absolutely incredible.. wow, seriously your so talented. Jess X

Oh my word, this is too lovely! Neither of those are true, but thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blogs Jess - I love yours!  x

ieatcannibals asked:
Can I ask where you got that afternoon tea picture that you drew, I have my art exam in like 10 days and I still need a picture to draw? :)

I did several photoshoots as part of my project, and drew from them x

Canvas  by  andbamnan